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Newport Ceases Backup Ambulance Service To Other Towns

Julian via Flickr CC

Officials in Newport, New Hampshire, say they need to focus on their own residents first when it comes to ambulance service.

The Valley News reports that starting June 30, Newport will no longer provide backup ambulance service to Lempster, New London, Newbury, Springfield, Grantham and half of Sunapee. It will continue to provide service to other towns that have contracts with Newport Ambulance, and mutual aid agreements will not be affected.

Selectboard Chairman Gary Nichols says the biggest concern is that sending ambulances to other communities leaves Newport uncovered. But John Early, a member of the Newport Fire Department, says the decision will jeopardize longstanding relationships between communities and could harm patients.

Nichols says other towns need to step up and invest in the safety of their own citizens.

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