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Flying Car Will Be Tested At Pease


  The Massachusetts-based company Terrafugia will test a flying car at the Pease Airport in Portsmouth over the next two weeks.  

The vehicle caters to recreational pilots who live near an airport and don’t want to rent a hangar. the "Transition" vehicle being tested at Pease looks like a small plane with wings that fold.  When folded, it fits into a one-car garage.  The vehicle is legal for driving on public roads, and is expected to cost $280,000. 

Watch Terrafugia's promotional video:


In the air, the vehicle cruises at 100 miles per hour. On the road, it gets 35 miles per gallon.

CEO Carl Deitrich says the date and time of the flight tests at Pease will not be made public, because, as he says, it’s not in the company’s interest to have an audience while testing.  Terrafugia has been testing their aircraft at a variety of municipal airports since 2009.  This will be the first set of tests in Portsmouth.

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