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0000017a-15d9-d736-a57f-17ff8c900000 When you’re just driving by, they all look pretty much the same.“The green and white markers everyone sees around our highways; to mark important events, important people, important things about New Hampshire.”When you look a little closer, you find each of the state’s 236 historical markers tells a unique story. In this series, Michael Brindley tells some of those stories.

Marking History: Republic Of Indian Stream In Pittsburg

New Hampshire’s northernmost historical marker is also the state’s oldest.

The Republic of Indian Stream in Pittsburg was the first historical marker erected when the state launched the program in 1958.

It tells the story of the land dispute between the United States and Canada that led to the creation of a short-lived, self-declared constitutional republic.

As part of our occasional series, Marking History, NHPR’s Michael Brindley travels north to Pittsburg to speak with a local couple about the story behind the Republic of Indian Stream.

You can suggest a historical marker for the series by emailing us at markinghistory@nhpr.org.

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