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Gambling Consultant Says N.H. Has Models For Casino Regulation


UMass Dartmouth Professor Clyde Barrow cited the states of Delaware, West Virginia, and Rhode Island as possible models for New Hampshire. All place gambling regulation under their states' lottery commissions - and none, said Barrow, needed to hire a huge number of people to do the job.

"As you can see in the case of Delaware and Rhode Island, which respectively have two and three casinos, have 59 and 51 employees respectively, and that is to supervise traditional lottery, virtual and live table games, VLTs and charitable gaming combined."

Barrow also said law enforcement  -- and not lottery officials --ought to be in charge of investigating casino applicants.

Such debates are at the heart of the this oversight commission’s charge.

Governor Hassan and other casino backers hope this commission, which includes lawmakers, law enforcement, and political appointees, will help allay some of the concerns that earlier this year sunk her plan to build a single casino along New Hampshire's southern border.