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First Lady Campaigns In Laconia

Photo Aug 02, 3 02 29 PM.jpg
Sam Evans-Brown

The First Lady defended the president's health care law before a very receptive crowd in the Laconia Middle School Gym.

Do we want these reforms to be repealed [NO!] or do we want the people we love to have the care they need [YES!]

A somewhat dramatic moment came when a teenager standing in the risers behind her fainted.

Oh, can we get some water? It’s hard to stand up!

And Michelle Obama’s pitch of her “It Takes One” effort – a push to get the politically active to reach out to others, was well received by Greg Wilkin.

I come from small town, and we went from Obama in ’08 and we slipped the other way in 2010. And I know now that it can make a huge difference if I talk to some of the people.

The First Lady’s visit continued in Manchester at Southern New Hampshire University.  Earlier in the day she visited a private home in Holderness.