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State Wants More FEMA Aid After Snow Storm

For the third time this year, Governor Lynch is seeking federal money to help pick up the pieces after a major storm.

NHPR’s Sam Evans-Brown reports.

In a press conference today, the governor made an announcement that is almost starting to become routine.

LYNCH: I am in the process of preparing a request for a federal emergency declaration, and we expect that request to be submitted today.

Tom Getz of the Public Utilities Commission said that this storm cause more downed power lines, but fewer toppled utility poles, so he hopes that the cleanup will be faster than during the 2008 ice storm.

But even so he underlined that some isolated homes should plan to be without power for up to a week.

Major Russ Conti from the New Hampshire state police confirmed that while there were many cars off the road, there were no storm related fatalities.

For NHPR New I’m Sam Evans-Brown

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