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Giving Matters: Pittsfield Youth Workshop

The Pittsfield Youth Workshop is about empowering kids through skill building, relationship building, and community building.  A variety of activities, field trips, homework help, and mentoring encourages kids to thrive.  Heather Cole, 17, loves spending time here.

Heather: When my sisters came, I was maybe in first grade, and I snuck in the back door.  Since sixth grade I've been actually allowed in here.  I can say personally it helps our community because kids that do come here don't have a problem opening up and being themselves and just hanging out; just doing stuff with others.  If it wasn't here then I'd feel like a lot of people would just be bored and probably do things they shouldn't be doing.

They want to push you so you when you grow up and actually come into the high school you're not afraid to ask what you want or ask for help.  I've seen a couple people that are now seventh graders - they were so shy and all that.  They never really talked but now they're talking to people and I love that.

The little boy, who's now in seventh grade, I walked with him today and he talked.  He never used to talk.  He was so quiet and hyper, though.  I just feel like this place has helped a bunch of little kids.  It helped me.  They help you reach your goal.  They help you do your homework so you actually can reach your goal.

I'm going into the National Guard.  After that, hopefully, I'll go to the police academy.  They really helped me with a bunch of things.  I wouldn't really be the person I am today.

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