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Giving Matters: Connecting Kids with the Natural World

Courtesy Squam Lake Natural Science Center

At the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, visitors learn about New Hampshire’s environment up-close: observing otters, black bear and moose as the walk the center’s trails. Eric Kelsey and his daughter Sophie are regular visitors, and Sophie attended the center’s Blue Heron School, a nature-based early learning center.

EK: I think Sophie gets a lot out of being here at the science center. Things like getting a connection with the natural world around her; a better understanding of how it works and why it’s important. I think as she gets older she’ll reflect back on this experience and understand more deeply what she learned here; and understand how to better protect the natural environment that’s so important to our health.

SK: There are three foxes and one’s in his little shelter. They’re habitat is more like leaves and pine needles. 

EK: SLNSC is really different because the whole place is outdoors and all the animals here are native to NH and so as you walk through the exhibits you’re in the natural habitat of these animals already. There’s a great range of activities to do for all ages from 2 up to teenagers. And every time you come here the animals are doing something different.

SK: The river otter is a really cute and furry animal. Sometimes they swim back and forth and bump the rocks and flip over and its really cool to seem them do it.

EK: It’s really fun.

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