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Second Wind Helps Addicts Recover

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The Second Wind Foundation’s Upper Valley Turning Point Recovery Center supports people in recovery from addiction and addictive behavior.  The center hosts AA meetings and helps match people with sponsors, provides care plans and helps with job searches.  Its Willow Grove facility provides transitional housing.  The organization helped Terry Gianelli get her life back on track.

Terry: Willow Grove is a home for women in recovery. I had my own bed, my own dresser, and this is from living in a car out of duffel bags. They just helped me learn how to start living again.  They entrust you to do the right thing.  That was really big because I had lost the trust of everybody, to nobody’s fault but my own from my actions, and that just gave me a feeling of worthiness again.

Honestly, I have no idea where I would be had I not had that opportunity to stay there and been just welcome and treated like a real human being. Now, it’s going really good, I mean it’s still hard, but that’s just life.  But it’s good.  And that’s all because I had a chance. Somebody just gave me a chance, started off with that simple little dresser and bed.  And trust.  And somebody giving me a chance. 

Second Wind Foundation

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