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Southern District YMCA's Camp Lincoln

Stacy Carey’s daughters were able to attend the Southern District YMCA’s Camp Lincoln on scholarship. As a result, Stacy was able to return to the workforce.

Stacy: I was a stay at home mom for years and I decided that I needed to do something.  I didn’t have anybody to watch my kids so I started looking around and because of Camp Lincoln having their scholarships, my kids were all able to go and I was able to get back out and start working. During the school year I’m able to work.  During the summer I was panicked – I didn’t think I would have anybody to watch them and once they got into Camp Lincoln they had somewhere to be all day long and I had nothing to worry about at all.

The girls absolutely love the camp; they look forward to it every summer. They have each become their own person.  My oldest daughter likes to do the archery and the rock climbing and the bike riding, my middle child likes the arts and crafts and the cooking, and my youngest enjoys the dancing and the swimming and the boating. 

Because my youngest had never been away from me, her first day of Camp Lincoln she clung onto me and I had to literally walk her onto the bus and peel her off of me.  She was in tears, I was in tears - but the staff just took over and completely put her in charge that day.  They let her be head of the bus, she got to pick what songs they sang. So, they made her feel completely at ease with it, being away from mummy.  And from that day on, she had no doubt about it, Camp Lincoln was the place for her.

It was like a dream come true, honestly.  We all got exactly what we wanted. They were having a blast, I knew they were safe and I was able to work.

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