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Community School

Cheryl Senter, NHPR

The “local foods” movement is a growing trend. In South Tamworth, The Community School has embraced it – serving an open lunch for the community every week at no set charge, made of locally-produced foods. They call the program “Farmers’s Table.”

BETTY: Hi, I’m Betty Alcott from Center Sandwich and we are enjoying the Farmers' Table Thursday lunch. The food is delightful and Kim, the chef this year, is wonderful. We're having beef tacos with all kinds of condiments on the side. We’ve got some beans, and we’ve got rice, and we’ve got salad, and cheese and I understand there is Pumpkin Brule for desert.

Peg Loughran and Margaret Reeser are sharing lunch.

PEG: It’s a lot different to come here and see your neighbors and it's very casual, and you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit as they say. You know you are supporting local farmers and producers. Lianne, who is sort of in charge of this program - this was her brain child, really wanted to support local farmers and producers. She sources everything from around as close as she can. So eggs, the beef, the beans were grown here, the lettuce, all the vegetables, the dairy products, everything. We're really trying to stimulate our local agricultural scene.

MARGARET: Another great thing is the different ages of people who come here. So, there are high school students from The Community School as well as someone who is 94 eating lunch in the other room. Everyone gets to mix, and talk to each other, watch each other and it’s nice.


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