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History’s 'Alone' and what the reality TV show says about class, gender, entertainment

via History

The premise of History’s reality TV show Alone is about as straightforward as it gets. Ten people are dropped into the remote wilderness with nothing but a handful of tools, a supply of GoPro cameras, and instructions to document their entire experience.

As contestants put their wilderness skills to the test, they face some of reality television’s most intense physical and emotional stakes; struggling with isolation, cold, wild animals, and even starvation. The last person standing wins the grand prize: half a million dollars.

But while the contestants must leave the comforts of home behind, the show still carries societal baggage.

In this episode, two critics explore the subtext of History’s Alone, and the messages it might be sending about class, gender, entertainment, and human relationships with the natural world.

Featuring Eric Martin and Tracy Clark-Flory.


Check out Eric Martin’s article: ALONE — What is this reality tv show really about?

And Tracy Clark-Flory’s piece for Jezebel: A Woman Alone: On History’s Survival Show, There’s No Escaping Gender, Not Even In The Woods.

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