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Outside/In: The Himalayan Land Grab

GHNP Village.jpg
Varun Bharti
A village in the Great Himalayan National Park Eco-zone

The Great Himalayan National Park in India is among the most dramatic landscapes on Earth. Count the layers in a single panoramic photo of the park and you might see mountains, glaciers, old-growth forests, and alpine meadows.

But national parks are defined by two things: first, an abundance of wildlife and majestic landscapes; and second, no permanent human presence.

And before anybody was ever invited to visit the park, authorities first told about 15,000 local people to stay out.

This episode is the first of two stories reported by freelance journalist Yardain Amron. In this tale, he explores the strategies of conservation at work in India’s Tirthan Valley, and what it took to create The Great Himalayan National Park over the course of two decades. What does it mean to “protect” the natural world? Who is doing the protecting, and who should it be protected from?

Featuring: Shekhar Singh, Vasant Saberwal, Narottam Singh, Sanjeeva Pandey.

GHNP Abandoned Buildings.jpg
Parth Joshi
Abandoned buildings in The Great Himalayan National Park
A map of the Great Himalayan National Park, and the surrounding areas

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