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Federal Grant Money Headed to N.H. for Coastal Resiliency


Over a million dollars is headed to New Hampshire to help protect coastal communities.

The grants, from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, will help pay for further study into coastal resiliency. That’s basically how fast a coastline can bounce back from a major weather event.

In particular, scientists like Steve Couture with the state environmental department’s Coastal Program, will continue their study into so-called living shoreline protections.

“Mother nature generally is very good at being adaptive and adjusting to natural conditions. So a living shoreline is basically how do you replicate what nature already does to help alleviate some of the erosion and flood risks at a particular location.”

The grants will also help fund the removal of two dams on the Bellamy River rated as “high hazard” by the state. That will allow fish to return to spawning areas further upstream and will restore 21 acres of wetlands.

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