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Outside/In: Let's Take This Outside

Greta Rybus and Logan Shannon

How do you define wilderness? Why are humans drawn to summits? Will the cold-hardy kiwi save a struggling local economy, or will it destroy a native eco-system? What is nutria, and why does it taste so good?

Meet Outside/In. A brand new radio show and podcast that takes a look at the natural world and how we use it.

You can learn more about all the segments and explore pictures and videos from Sam's adventures here: S01|E01: Let's Take This Outside

Here's a sneak peak: 

Champagne on the Rocks: This past summer, Scott Jurek set a new record for running the Appalachian Trail. Not everybody joined in to the celebration on the summit. 

Why We Summit: Mariagrazia Portera's post-doctoral research focuses on evolutionary aesthetics, specifically Darwin's aesthetics. Essentially, she tries to understand why humans appreciate certain things that are not key to our survival, like climbing mountains.

10x10 Vernal Pools: For this first foray out into the woods, we're checking out something called vernal pools. Vernal, meaning springtime, and pools as in...pools. Trust us, you'll never listen to the spring peepers the same way again.

The Cold Hardy Kiwi: Should we worry about the cold hardy kiwi and what does the quest to bring it to market tell us about what an invasive species is?

Eat the Invaders: So, like everything, there’s a lot of grey area in the definition of what’s “invasive”. But there are also plenty of things that are just straight up a problem. Which is why we are going to be doing our part, here at Outside in, by eating some invasive species.

https://vimeo.com/162382785">Outside/In Presents: Eat the Invaders - Nutria from https://vimeo.com/nhpr">New Hampshire Public Radio on Vimeo.

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