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EPA Releases Data of Top Greenhouse Gas Emitters in NH

Public Service of New Hampshire
Merrimack Station in Bow

The Environmental Protection Agency has released its 2010 data of the biggest greenhouse gas emitters in the state.

Power plants are at the top of the list.

The EPA collected data from nine different industries that emit greenhouse gases including power plants, pulp and paper mills, landfills and other industrial sources.

All told, they produced five-point nine million metric tons of greenhouse gases in New Hampshire.

About 40-percent of that comes from just one power plant, Merrimack Station in Bow.

It burns coal.

The number two emitter is Granite Ridge Energy in Londonderry,

It uses more efficient natural gas.

N-A-E-A Newington Energy, which burns both oil and natural gas, came in third.

If you don’t count power plants, the Turnkey Landfill in Rochester is at the top of the list for releasing 94 thousand metric tons of methane.