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Online Petition Pushes For Transgender Policy In Nashua

An online petition asks the Nashua school district to establish anti-discrimination policies for transgender students.

More than ten thousand signatures have been gathered from around the country to persuade the Nashua school board  to create policies to acknowledge the needs of transgender students.

The online petition asks the district to create guidelines around bathroom usage and sports teams.

Superintendent Mark Conrad says that Nashua doesn’t need a separate policy for transgender students because of anti-discrimination laws already in place.

One of the concerns I have about establishing policy is this is still a very low incidence occurrence. We have very few students who come to us who are transgender students. I think you can actually limit yourself if you begin setting policies for unique and infrequent circumstances.

Recently, the school district allowed a transgender student to change schools and ensured that staff and faculty address the male-bodied student as female.