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Cyanobacteria advisories are in place at Elm Brook Park beach in Hopkinton and Silver Lake State Park Beach in Hollis. 

State officials are urging visitors to stay out of the water if they observe blue-green scum or clumps suspended in the water column. Cyanobacteria can be toxic to both humans and dogs. 

Hollis Town Hall Unsuspecting Home For Huge Beehive

Oct 13, 2013
Justus Thane / Flickr Creative Commons

Contractors renovating the old Hollis Town Hall met with a surprise recently—a huge beehive inside one of the walls.  Board of Selectmen Vice Chair Mark Le Doux says the bees were long gone.  But they got a pretty clear tip-off before they even saw the hive.

“We were told that there is honey that’s seeping out of the wall.  And rather incredulously, we went up and took a look, and sure enough, there were pools of honey on the floor up against the wall,” Le Doux says.

Sheryl Rich-Kern, NHPR

The town of Hollis holds its town meeting Wednesday evening.

In the high school gym, residents will debate town hall renovations, property tax exemptions for seniors and funds for the Old Home Days event.

But what’s likely to drum up the most vigor at the meeting is a warrant article that some say is detrimental to horses.

Hundreds Turn Out For Santorum Town Hall

Jan 7, 2012
Amy Quinton

Before last night’s debate, a crowd of several hundred gathered in Hollis for a town hall meeting with former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.

So many people squeezed inside a barn in Hollis to hear Rick Santorum that it prompted one campaign staffer to exclaim “this is nuts.”

Most of the several hundred people inside were political tourists from out of state.

At one point Santorum told the crowd that he’d only take questions from New Hampshire residents.

He urged voters to stick to their values.