A Year In Food

Dec 13, 2011


Here’s one word for the food trends of 2011: bi-polar.   

In 2011, Domino’s introduced cheesy stuffed bread, while some districts removed sugary sodas from school cafeterias. Vegan was big, so was butter-drenched southern cooking. Farmer’s markets had a resurgence. So did beer, burgers and pasta. There was much hand-wringing over America’s obesity epidemic, and Congress passed an agriculture bill that declared tomato paste on pizza a vegetable. For foodies, the antidote to the nation’s bifurcated food culture is to make better food. For that we have the beautiful possibilities presented in a greatcookbook. J.M Hirsch is food editor for the associated press and author of the High Flavor, Low Labor Cookbook. He’s also a prolific blogger, and is with us to tick through some of the year’s most giftable cookbook, along with a few other food trends of 2011.


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