Writers on a New England Stage: Greg Mortenson

Dec 9, 2009

In 1993, Greg Mortenson had hoped to climb K2, the world’s second highest mountain in memory of a sister who had recently passed away. He never made it to the top, and got lost on his way down, but when he finally stumbled into the town of Korphe, Pakistan his life would change forever. A promise to the villagers of Korphe embarked Greg Mortenson on a mission to build schools, especially for girls, in Pakistan. He recounts this mission in the bestselling book Three Cups of Tea. His new book, Stones into Schools picks up where Three Cups of Tea leaves off and documents not only his project of building schools in Pakistan but in Afghanistan as well. Mortenson was at the Music Hall in Portsmouth for two events in our Writers On A New England Stage series. He talks with Laura Knoy and takes questions from the audience. Today we play back the highlights from the evening’s events.