Top Stories: SNHU Online Dispenses With Grades; Democratic Lawmakers Seek To Repeal Voter ID Law

Dec 31, 2012

Credit Flikr Creative Commons / rex libris

1. Education: SNHU Online Learning Program Dispenses With Grades And Credit Hours

Online courses in higher education have been around for decades. Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester has been offering online courses since 1996. Now the university is piloting a new online model — one that dispenses with courses, grades and credit hours.

2. NH News: Democratic Lawmakers Seek To Repeal N.H. Voter ID Law

A group of Democratic lawmakers want to repeal the voter ID requirements implemented under Republican leadership. Current law requires that voters be asked for photo identification at the polls, but does not require they have one to cast a ballot.

Credit Sam Evans-Brown / NHPR

3. Weather: First Major Winter Storm Sweeps Into N.H.

New Hampshire experienced its first big snowstorm of the year, and so far there haven’t been many major problems.

4. NH News: 2nd Arrest In UNH Student Murder Case

A second arrest has been made in connection with disappearance and murder of UNH student Elizabeth Marriott. 19-year-old Portsmouth resident Kathryn McDonough has been arrested on charges of hindering apprehension or prosecution and conspiracy to hinder apprehension or prosecution.

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5. Health: Whooping Cough Hits N.H.

Pertussis starts like a cold, but after a week or so, it leads to severe coughing fits that can take weeks to shake.  It’s also called ‘whooping cough’ because patients make a high-pitched whoop sound as they suck in air. There are 222 confirmed cases in the state this year, the highest levels since 2006.

6. NH News: Snow Storms Parading Into N.H.

There was some snow on tap for the Granite State. The Northeast seems to be in a pattern of unsettled weather, with two storms swinging through in just a matter of days.

7. All Things Considered: A New England Christmas Card From Robert Frost

Some Christmas traditions – like trees, and ornaments and carols – seem to be as popular as ever. Others, like the annual Christmas card, aren’t faring quite as well. Last week a columnist for TIME Magazine asked whether Christmas cards are obsolete in the social media era. It remains to be seen what the future holds for the Christmas card, but among the finest Christmas cards sent in years past came from New England's most well-loved poet, Robert Frost.

8. NH News: Lawmakers Want To Reshape Energy Permitting In N.H.

Proposed energy projects are causing a stir among New Hampshire lawmakers. Lawmakers will consider a raft of bills that would change how the state considers and approves such installations. Grafton Republican Skip Reilly has proposed putting a temporary stop on new transmission or wind-farm projects.

Credit Michael Brindley, NHPR

9. NH News: Ho, Ho, Ho! Merrimack Children get Phone Calls From Secret Santas

When convincing a child on the other end of a phone line you’re Santa Claus, having the right voice goes a long way. Several of the officers in the Merrimack police department make calls to unsuspecting and, at times, speechless children as part of the town’s Santa Calling program. In its fifth year, the program is organized by the parks and recreation department. Parents can request a call from Santa at a specific time.

10. North Country: Looking For An Economic Boost, Colebrook Ponders Opening Streets To ATVs

Next month the town of Colebrook in the North Country is expected to take a big step in a plan designed to make the region more friendly to ATV-riding tourists, increasing the profits for local businesses.