Top Stories: Proposed Bill Eliminates Insurance for Midwifery Service, House Against Health Exchange

Mar 12, 2012

A roundup of the top-ten most-read stories on and StateImpact - NH  website.


1) Health: Proposed Bill Would Eliminate Insurance Mandate for Midwifery Service   Out-of-hospital births in New Hampshire are on the rise. The increase is in large part, because of a 2008 law that requires health insurers to pay for midwives who work in homes or at birthing centers. But a new bill before lawmakers proposes repealing that mandate.

2) Health: House Votes Against State Run Health Insurance Exchange   A bill which prevents the state from creating its own exchange passed overwhelmingly in the house on Thursday. Under federal healthcare reform all states must have a health insurance exchange in place by January 1, 2014.

3) The Exchange: The Refugee Resettlement Debate Continues  We continue our series on New Hampshire immigration by looking at the proposed refugee moratorium in Manchester.

4) NPR News: Sun Sends Solar Flares Speeding Toward Earth; Will Hit Thursday [Video] the sun ejected two huge solar flares Tuesday, and NASA says that we here on Earth may notice the effects of magnetic fields and ionized gases that it estimates will arrive around 1:25 a.m. ET Thursday. So, if you detect some electronic interference — say, your GPS doesn't work right — blame it on the sun.

5) North Country: The House Takes Aim at Fish and Game   In a surprising–and to some puzzling-move late last month the New Hampshire House narrowly passed a bill a House committee recommended be killed. Fish and Game officials say the legislation would make it far more difficult for them to enforce state laws designed to protect wildlife.

6) The Exchange: Vows over Gay Marriage   On June 3, 2009, Governor John Lynch signed a law that allowed gay marriage in the Granite State. But before the first "I do" was uttered, some groups and lawmakers vowed to pass legislation overturning the law.

7) Health: Medicaid Grant Money To Help Home Based Services  New Hampshire will be the first state in the country to receive new Medicaid grant money to help seniors and people with disabilities remain in their homes.

8) Word of Mouth: The Old Social Networks...   A hobbyist explores old-school networks from the dial-up era...and he's not alone when he gets there.

9) NH News: Court Orders HHS to Assess Medicaid Cuts   Hospitals hope a recent federal court ruling forces New Hampshire to spend more money on Medicaid services.

10) Word of Mouth: Superhero Gadgets for the Rest of Us   Reality is more like a comic-book every day. Behold: The Board of Imagination, DARPA's Cyborg-Moth spy, The Titanium Terminator Jawbone, the SpeechJammer, and (one day, maybe) a state-sponsored Gecko-boy.