State To Seek Injunction After Croydon Ignores School Choice Deadline

Sep 29, 2015

The state attorney general’s office is expected to seek an injunction in Superior Court this week, after school officials in Croydon ignored an order to stop using public money for private school tuition.

The Valley News reports the Croydon School Board defied the state’s deadline of Monday to stop paying tuition for five students to attend the private Newport Montessori School.

The families attending the school receive reimbursement for tuition from the district.

Since the practice began last school year, the state has been objecting to it, and Croydon school officials now believe the dispute is headed to court.

Board Chair Jody Underwood says the district isn’t breaking any laws, and is giving parents the option to choose which school is best for their children.

She says the board plans to seek private donations through an online fundraising campaign to cover legal expenses.