A Roundtable Of Granite State Muslims

May 14, 2013

Following the Boston Marathon bombings many Muslims in New England said they felt under scrutiny once again as reports of the attackers links to extreme Islamic ideology emerged. We’ll talk with Muslims here in New Hampshire about what kind of conversations are going on within their own communities, as well as the perceptions they encounter from others.


Reza Al Jalili: Founding member of the Forum for Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at New England College where he teaches Economics and Accountancy. He emigrated to the U.S. from Iran about 35 years ago to peruse his education.

Robert Azzi: A freelance photographer and writer who lives in Exeter, NH. For more than 40 years, his work has concentrated on the Middle East, Islam, and issues of identity. Azzi’s family is from Lebanon though he was born and raised in Manchester.  His weekly column appears in the Portsmouth Herald and Keene Sentinel.

Yussra Ebrahim: A 19 year old student at UNH. Born in England she moved to New Hampshire at twelve years ago. Her family is from Iraq.