Perry Courts Social Conservatives

Oct 28, 2011

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry addressed hundreds of social conservatives in Manchester, Friday night. The Texas governor’s speech ranged well beyond social issues.

A huge crowd filled a ballroom at the annual meeting of Cornerstone, the state’s leading advocacy group against abortion and gay marriage.  If he’s to close the gap in the polls, Perry needs these voters and he made sure to connect with them with lines like this.

"Children need to be raised in a loving home by a mother and a father."

In a dig at his rival, Mitt Romney, Perry said he has always opposed abortion but in his speech, he spent more time on economic policies.  He drew applause when he spoke of  the need to eliminate taxes on capital gains, and make full use of domestic coal, gas and other energy resources.

Perry hardly has a lock on these voters.  Many said while they like what he says, they are still weighing their choices.