Northern Pass Predicts Approval In Two Years

Jul 30, 2013

A top executive with Northeast Utilities told analysts Tuesday that he expects to have final approval for the Northern Pass Project around the middle of 2015 and be importing hydro-electric energy from Canada two years later.

"Our plan has both the state and federal permitting processes complete by mid-2015. On that schedule we expect to bring the project into service around mid-2017," said Northeast Utilities chief operating officer Lee Olivier during a conference call with analysts.

One analyst questioned whether that time table might be overly optimistic. But Olivier didn’t budge.

“We think that is still a realistic time frame," he said.

However, Northern Pass opponents say they will continue to fight the project at state, federal and local levels.

To move ahead the project needs approval by both the U.S. Department of Energy and the state’s Site Evaluation Committee.