A Helping Hand To A Woman Who Refused Northern Pass Money

Jan 23, 2012

Lynne Placey, a North Country woman who’s struggling to make ends meet but has refused to take money from Northern Pass, has been given $2,650 by a group that admires her gumption.

Placey, of Stewartstown, says she turned down an offer of around $500,000 from Northern Pass for a right-of-way on her land although her only income is Social-Security and giving piano lessons.

“She’s a modern-day hero,” said Rikki Ramsden, one of the owners of Atta Girl Records of Thornton, which was behind the fund-raising effort.

Last week Placey was given the money which included $2,000 from an event at Flying Monkey Movie House in Plymouth, $500 from the Alliance Against the Northern Pass and miscellaneous contributions.