Cilley Stumps With Firefighters (and free food)

Aug 21, 2012

The professional firefighters are one of several public sector unions to back Jackie Cilley in the democratic primary. At a firehouse in Manchester, Cilley said the state needs to do better by public employees, and to do that, she says, will require more than simply winning the concern office.

"I would ask you to support those who are running for rational policies and common sense in our statehouse because we have a state to take back and take forward."

Cilley has made her refusal to pledge opposition to any broad-based sales or income tax a campaign rallying cry. Cilley also wants to restore cuts to government made by republican lawmakers. She’s yet to put any number to how much more money she thinks the state needs to raise to fund her priorites. But Cilley says she’ll tell voters more before election day.

"We will put those numbers there as we have them and right now that situation is so fluid."

By the time Cilley’s two-day tour ends her campaign will have served meals in Londonderry, Manchester, Concord, Nashua and Dover. Her Democratic Rival Maggie Hassan has also been courting voters with free food though a string of ice cream socials.