2nd Congressional District GOP Contenders: What They Say About Northern Pass

Jul 30, 2014

The Northern Pass project was one of the topics covered during a debate Wednesday on WGIR among three candidates seeking the Republican nomination in New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District to oppose incumbent Democrat Ann McLane Kuster this fall.

State Representative Marilinda Garcia of Salem said she visited the North Country recently and recognizes the opposition and concerns about the project involving private property rights and the benefits going to other states. 

“There is also the issue of the natural, esthetic beauty we enjoy and how that affects our tourism economy," she said.

But she said some people in the North Country support the “compromise” of burying the lines and “if that is something they support I certainly could see supporting that as well.”

Former State Senator Gary Lambert of Nashua said “the North Country is beautiful and we have to make sure we keep that beauty and I am opposed to the Northern Pass.”

Lambert said he was “all for more power, more energy and making sure we can get energy down from Canada” and the solution is to bury the transmission lines.  “Seems like a no brainer to me.”

Former state Representative Jim Lawrence of Hudson said he is opposed to the Northern Pass “because as it stands now what it would represent to destroying the pristine landscape in the north part of the country. Their largest economic boom up there is tourist dollars and I can’t trade temporary infrastructure jobs for permanent tourism jobs.”