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10.05.15: Becoming Vulnerable & Born In Between

Dirk Vorderstraße via Flickr CC

Looking to deepen your relationships, professional satisfaction, and personal innovation? Then it’s time to get vulnerable. We speak with TED Talk superstar Brene Brown, whose research says that exposing our secret selves is the most daring way to live. And, while the transgender movement gains ground, we’ll explore the shockingly common occurrence of doctors assigning gender to intersex babies. 

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Brene Brown

Dr. Brené Brownis a University of Houston-based researcher and academic who is now author of two best-selling books, based on years of data. Her message: authentic human interactions, innovation, professional satisfaction and meaningful relationships are only possible when we dare to expose our vulnerabilities and confront our shame, and that ultimately, boldly doing battle with the self means sometimes landing flat on your face. Her new book, Rising Strongis about how to get up, dust yourself off, and be willing to do it all over again.

Brene Brown

Don Draper vs. Seth Rogan

To young television viewers in the US, the fictional character played by John Hamm in AMC's Mad Men, is the epitome of masculinity:  he’s powerful, well-dressed, promiscuous, and enigmatic. Eric Molinsky tries to understand why fans of the show are ready to ditch their t-shirts and jeans for slim cut suits and ties.

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Born In Between

With the trans celebrities Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox in the news more and more individuals are coming forward with their own stories about gender ambiguity – which, from a biological perspective,  is a lot more common than most people think. Now, an increasing number of parents, legal experts and bioethicists are questioning whether intersex babies should be operated on. Azeen Ghorayshi is Science Reporter for Buzzfeed news and author of the article “Born In Between: Should Doctors Operate onIntersex Babies?”

Born In Between

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