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4.26.15: Presidential Candidates & The Politics Of Disaster

Logan Shannon
Springtime on the Amoskeag

Disasters in developing nations bring out the better angels of the world’s governments and citizens, but where that aid goes has a lot to do with media coverage. On today’s show, we discover why the world’s worst disasters don’t always get the most aid. Also today, a political scientist argues that fringe candidates have a shot at the presidency – if they can get the support of their party. And, if you think Chris Christie is the first presidential candidate whose weight could make or break him, think again.

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Hillary Clinton and the Black Vote

While many on the left are already treating Hillary Clinton as the presumptive democratic nominee for President, there are segments of the democratic base that she’ll have to win over first. Among them, African Americans.  April Reign is a lawyer and contributor to Ebony magazine, where, in a recent article, she asks “Is Hillary ‘Ready’ For Black Voters?”  

Hillary Clinton & the Black Vote

Gracie Allen for President

As Hillary Clinton begins her bid to become the first female President of the United States, we look back to 1940 when a very different candidate took the stage. Gracie Allen, part of the popular comic duo Burns and Allen, launched a presidential campaign that began as a publicity stunt, but during a whistle-stop tour across the country, the campaign took on a life of its own. The story comes from Radio Diaries.

You can listen to this story again at PRX.org.

For Presidential Candidates, Diet is a Campaign Issue

Vanessa Friedman is Fashion Director and Chief Fashion Critic at the New York Times where we found her article “For Male Politicians, Dieting Is a Campaign Issue.”

Presidential Candidates Diet is a Campaign Issue

Why an Extremist Candidate Could Win

Seth Masket is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Denver – he also writes the “What Makes Us Politic?” column for Pacific Standard. We spoke to him about his recent article: “Yes, Extremists Can Get Elected President.”

Why An Extremist Candidate Could Win

The Secret Tour of The Capital Building

If you’ve already been on the standard tour and you want to find out what lies beyond the closed doors in the depths of the United States Capital, it helps to have a curious reporter show you the way. Roman Mars from the podcast 99% Invisible found that reporter.

You can listen to this story again at PRX.org.

Disaster Aid Distribution Makes No Sense

There are a number of factors which determine how much aid is delivered when a disaster strikes a country – from geopolitics to which other stories are grabbing the spotlight. Tim Kovach analyzes, writes, and blogs about disaster risk reduction. His research reveals that the worst disasters don’t always get the most aid. You can read his article, “The Way We Give Disaster Aid to Poor Countries Makes No Sense” at Vox.com

Disaster Aid Distribution Makes No Sense

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