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Word of Mouth

12.24.14: Who To Follow On Twitter, Saint Mick, & What To Talk About


When it comes to Twitter followers, Katy Perry, Justin Beiber, and President Obama hold the top spots. On today’s show: we veer off social media’s beaten path to share some hidden gems in the Twittersphere.

Then, the holidays are here! Time for family gatherings, and perhaps, some awkward conversations. We’ll tackle the art of conversation, and offers tips on how to get a good one started with anyone, anywhere.

Plus, what happens when a pro-wrestler abandons the ring for Santa’s sleigh? One of our favorites segments of 2014.

Listen to the full show and click Read more for individual segments.

Who to Follow on Twitter

  • Brady Carlson, NHPR's host of All Things Considered joined us to talk about interesting Twitter feeds to follow. We've got the full list at the bottom of this post.

Who to Follow on Twitter

The Story Behind White Christmas

  • Producer Katy Sewall from the Radio Retrospective brings us this story behind the Irving Berlin classic.
  • You can listen to this story again at PRX.org.

St. Mick

  • In late November, they begin to arrive. In malls, outside stores, at company parties across the country. A huge deluge of Santas. We don't often stop to wonder who the men are beneath the red stocking caps. And as Sean Hurley recently discovered, Santa sometimes has a secret he wants to keep.
  • You can find the full transcript of this piece and photos at this link: From Mankind to Saint Mick
Saint Mick

What To Talk About

What to Talk About


Brady's list of people to follow on Twitter

TVNetwork Notes

TL;DR Wikipedia

Anti-Joke Cat

Casey Johnston

Jose Canseco

Michael Beschloss

Will Roseliep

Upworthy Spoiler

Mount Washington Observatory

Michael W. Twitty/Afroculinaria

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