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Word of Mouth

Researching Funny: The University Of Colorado's Humor Lab


The University of Colorado's Humor Lab even has a catchy nickname: HuRL. The director of the lab, Peter McGraw, spoke with us about his work studying the reasons we laugh and why we think certain things are funny, while others are decidedely not. Staffed by the Humor Research Team which is also known as HuRT--we're noticing a trend here--the lab's theoretical foundation is the "Benign Violation Theory."


In his TEDx talk in Boulder, he began by very seriously asking audience members to perform an unusual task. He then explains the Benign Violation Theory. Watch below.

You can listen to Peter McGraw's interview with Virginia and we're also polling our Facebook followers: Do you have a story about the hardest you've ever laughed? Head over to our Facebook page and join the conversation.


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