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Word of Mouth
Throughout the state of New Hampshire there are 26 hospitals offering comprehensive services and quality care to its patients, many of which have achieved national recognition for their quality of care. From the northern tip to southern New Hampshire, these hospitals continually work to develop and utilize new technologies to increase and improve health care options.The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon has made it to the list of “America’s Best Hospitals” for its specialized excellence in research, diagnosis, treatment and education. Throughout the state there are Dartmouth-Hitchcock branches in locations including Concord, Keene, Manchester, Bedford and Nashua.Located in the Queen city is the Elliot Hospital and the Catholic Medical Center, both which offer urgent care facilities. Also in Manchester is the Manchester VA Medical Center offering various services to veterans including urgent care, primary care and long-term care.The Speare Memorial Hospital located between the Lakes Region and the White Mountain National Forest in Plymouth offers a wide variety of health services. With recent expansion, Speare has made additions to better meet the needs of its patients living or traveling in the northern part of the state.The Frisbie Memorial Hospital in Rochester has been providing high quality care for over 80 years while keeping up with latest technologies to meet the ever changing health care needs. They have specifically received recognition for the Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate located within Frisbie Memorial and offering high quality education to patients with diabetes.Despite the great need for high-quality care, Frisbie Memorial Hospital, among others, has faced the crunch in the recession where hours were cut for more than 100 employees and over 20 workers lost their jobs, back in 2009’s recession.The St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua is a full-service healthcare system working to meet its patients’ needs through innovation, technology and great quality care. Their main campus is leading the way in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. They also have a rehabilitation center and childbirth center.The Concord Hospital, located in southern New Hampshire has received great recognition for their specialty in orthopedics, and also provides support in urologic care, women’s care, cancer care and cardiac care. According to a press release by the Concord Hospital, they are one of the only large hospitals in the state that have not experienced layoffs due to the recession.According to Business Week, top executives from New Hampshire’s 23 non-profit hospitals have received substantial pay increases, from 2006 to 2009, which makes their salaries similar to hospital executives in other states, but varies considerably among the hospitals in New Hampshire.The Wentworth-Douglass Hospital in Dover is the seacoast’s leading medical center, featuring a spine center, joint-replacement center, acute care, disease management, wellness programs, trauma center and strong educational program.New Hampshire hospitals pride themselves in their quality of care, expansion and ability to discover and utilize new and improved technologies, and revolutionary ways of treating and diagnosing their patients.

7.16.14: Kinder Surgeons, Infection Detecting Dogs, And The Coming Out Simulation

phalinn via Flickr Creative Commons

Surgery requires years of education, steady hands, extreme confidence, and…kindness? Today we ask: when it comes to being a good surgeon, does bedside manner matter? Then, we head into the OR to find out what some surgeons listen to while their patients are under the knife. Plus, how some European hospitals are harnessing beagles’ sense of smell to detect superbugs. And, one game designer has come up with a simulator which allows players to experience what it’s like coming out to your parents.

Listen to the full show and Read more for individual segments.

Is Kindness A Virtue In Surgeons?

Wen Shen is a surgeon specializing in endocrinology at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center. He argues, in Pacific Standard’s medical issue, that the quest to create a kinder surgeon, though admirable, may not be very good for our health.

Is Kindness A Virtue In Surgeons?

The Best Playlists You’ll Never Hear

While surgeons may no longer get away with throwing instruments, they can still maintain a modicum of machismo by rocking out in the operating room. To find out more, Word of Mouth’s Taylor Quimby spoke to a couple New Hampshire surgeons to find out what was on their surgical playlists – starting with his dad.

The Best Playlists You'll Never Hear

The Blue Yarn

Producers David Weinberg and Roman Mars of the podcast 99% Invisible headed to a hospital in Seattle that approached cost-cutting in an interesting way---with a ball of blue yarn and a trip to Toyota’s headquarters.

The Blue Yarn

Infection Detection Dogs

Dr. Stanley Coren is a professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia and author of over fifteen books about dogs. He wrote about “Infection Detection Dogs” for PsychologyToday.com.

Infection Detection Dogs

The Upside of Having an Online Trail

A simple Google search will show, as much as we try, parts of our lives are out there for the world to see. But producers P.J. Vogt and Alex Goldman from On The Media’s sister podcast TLDR bring us a story about the downside of not leaving a digital trail….in one case, hampering a murder investigation.

The Upside Of Having An Online Trail

Coming Out, Simulated

Indie game designer Nicky Case has developed a game that helps you experience the coming out process first hand. It’s called “Coming Out Simulator 2014,” part choose your own adventure, part personal account of his own experience.

Coming Out, Simulated

Do you have an especially kind surgeon? Or doctor, or dentist? Do you even think that's a valuable skill for health professionals to have? We want to know! You can comment below or join the discussion on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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