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Word Of Mouth: Circa 1993

bmw meets TQ ZN.gif

Our segment today on the profundity of the year 1993 brought up a lot of memories for the Word of Mouth team. I thought it might be nice to share what we were all doing in 1993.

In the year 1993 our very own Zach Nugent almost didn't make it to 1994. While on a field trip to a tree farm in a bus loaded with 8 year olds, the bus driver missed a gear and the bus started hurtling backwards. Luckily he survived the trauma went on to live the real life saga of Boy Meets World with his buddy Taylor Quimby.

Speaking of a boy meeting the world, 1993 was the year before Taylor and his family moved to England. In 1993, Taylor was the proud owner of a Sega Genesis console, but alas,  it was destroyed in a basement flood thus ruining his chances at a Sonic the Hedgehog high score. He also had a crush on a girl named Kimberly Heck, his very own Topanga.

Taylor's girl had nothing on Miss Topanga.

Producer John Lynch was so young in 1993 that he found it difficult to even conjure up a memory. He's pretty sure that he was playing with Legos and pining for the Pirate Ship but never getting it. I know I speak for everyone when I say how tragic John's young life seems. Seriously? No Pirate Ship? Were his parents monsters?

lego pirate ship.jpg
Credit via riverbills.com
Sadly, this is NOT John Lynch.

Super Intern Ali Kuzmickas recalls 1993 vividly: she was watching The State on MTV and eating Cool Ranch Doritos. I asked if she was also drinking Mountain Dew,  since that is a combination I'm familiar with, but alas Ali's life was almost as tragic as John's: no soda allowed.

In 1993 I graduated from High School and fell in love with Mulder and Scully on the X-Files. I have a long history of wanting to be a spy or an FBI agent, and while I am pretty good at keeping a secret, there is likely no way I would be able to not tell people about the crazy people I was investigating. The Smoking Man would not have approved of my methods.

logan as scully.jpg
Logan as Scully

Rebecca Lavoie was incredibly busy in 1993, and not just because she was doing her best to emulate Brenda from Beverly Hills 90210. Do you realize how difficult it is to be as disdainful as Brenda on a regular basis?  When she wasn't giving people a hard time, she could typically be found at any concert that ended in Palooza.

RL as Brenda.jpg
Rebecca Lavoie as Brenda

Virginia was way too cool in 1993 to even bother mocking her with my lousy Photoshop skills. I mean, look at that photo! In 1993, Virginia Prescott was living in her very own version of Girls: New Orleans edition. She recalls the 90's as being rather decadent; she was ready to retire at any time. Lucky for us, she soldiered on.

Virginia 1993.jpg
Virginia in New Orleans - 1993

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