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Word of Mouth
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Here's What's Awesome!


1)Replacement ref revolution! and Replacement ref Armageddon!

 2)Protests – How they play out in web culture:

·US Ambassador Susan Rice: Twitter crucial to her mission

·Libyans rally in support of US in Benghazi with signs saying ‘we’re sorry’

·Countries blocking videos or YouTube as a whole after anti-Muslim video

·Newsweek’s #muslimrage hashtag failed badly

3)Web repression around the world: on the rise, getting more sophisticated

4)National Voter Registration Day plays out online

5)Oh Facebook. Even when you’re not up to something people think you’re up to something. Oh and also: Facebook may be up to something, by saving your search history

6)Apple Maps going over about as well as replacement refs

7)Kickstarter is updating its guidelines for hardware/products

8)Girl in angel costume sings death metal - The best part is that at the end she makes not the devil horns sign, but the surfer hand gesture.


9)Star Wars Theme Calms Crying Baby – clearly the Force is with this kid