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Word of Mouth

A printer too adorable to pass up?

Photo courtesy of Bergcloud.com

Produced by Lauren Choolijian

I read an article this morning about how 2012 was the year of the “paperless revolution.” And it’s true that many of us are growing more and more attached to glowing screens on tablets and smart phones, and even paperless offices. But lately, we’ve noticed a bubbling trend of “de-digitization…”, or the return from the virtual world to the physical, with products including a rubber Facebook “Like” stamp, and soon, Lego sets designed to mimic the video game Minecraft…which, incidentally, was designed to virtualize Legos. A group of designers in London have come up with a product that they say puts the wonders of the web on a slip of paper as small as a receipt….and it’s got a fitting name, “Little Printer.” Matt Webb is the CEO of Berg cloud, the London design studio that came up with the Little Printer. He filled us in on what it’s all about.

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