Gary Lambert

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Race: District 2, U.S. House of Representatives
Party: Republican
Political Experience:  2010-2012 – New Hampshire Senate
Personal: Married, two children; lives in Nashua
Education: Bachelor’s, Valparaiso University; J.D., Drake University Law School; Master’s, US Army War College

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The biggest topic of conversation on the campaign trail, Lambert says, is the Affordable Care Act. He supports repealing the law and replacing it with “free market alternatives,” such as allowing the purchase of insurance across state lines and encouraging individual health savings accounts.

“Folks are still suffering from the recession so to speak and they’re out there doing two jobs, three jobs, part-time jobs. The last thing they need is an increase in health care costs…. The free market can handle this a lot better than government. Government hasn’t been very good at picking winners and losers. The free market does that.”

Lambert has been criticized by members of his own party for supporting the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, or RGGI, a cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gas emissions, when he was in the state Senate. In June, however, he signed a pledge from the Americans for Prosperity to oppose a tax carbon emissions.

“I looked at it from an economic, taxpayer point of view. If we had gotten out of RGGI, we still would have had to pay $5.6 million into that system because we’re tied in with the grid and our energy system. What we would not have received in return was $12 million in energy efficiency money. If you take a look at that math from the taxpayers’ point of view, from the best interest of the state, and decided to keep us in.

Lambert opposes the Common Core State Standards adopted for New Hampshire public schools in 2010, which he calls a “top-down, one-size-fits-all national education system.

“Our kids get the best education for their individual needs and talents when curriculum decisions are made at the local level. New Hampshire educators know better than Washington politicians how to educate our states children. The federal government's role in education should be limited. Since roughly 90% of education funding comes from town and state government, we should be the ones who determine our children’s curriculum.”

Jack Rodolico

State Representative Marilinda Garcia won the Republican primary for New Hampshire’s second congressional district.

After claiming her victory before a crowd of cheering supporters, Marilinda Garcia took aim at Obamacare, and linked Representative Annie Kuster to one of the president’s most significant and controversial policies.

She asked for the crowd’s continued support "getting through November and...repealing and replacing Representative Kuster."

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Five days before the primary, more than $3.1 million has been spent on behalf of Republican candidates seeking to advance to the general election against New Hampshire’s Congressional incumbents.

In District 2, a seat held by Democratic Rep. Anne Kuster, Gary Lambert has outspent state Rep. Marilinda Garcia by a slight margin, $277,000 to $239,860, according to the most recent filings with the Federal Election Commission.

2nd CD Candidates Debate Amnesty And Attack Ads

Sep 3, 2014

Republican candidates vying for their party’s nomination in the second congressional district faced off last night on WMUR TV. The frontrunners clashed on core issues.

The hard-fought, and, at times bitter fights between Salem state rep Marilinda Garcia, and former state Senator Gary Lambert of Nashua continued last night.

On longstanding issues like illegal immigration, Lambert said Garcia "wants a pathway to citizenship, and that is amnesty in my book."

"I’d say Mr. Lambert’s book is entirely fiction," Garcia shot back.

Republicans hoping to unseat New Hampshire's U.S. House incumbents are split on recent legislation to address the crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border.

The $694 million bill passed by the House on Aug. 1 would increase spending for overwhelmed border agencies, add more immigration judges and detention spaces, and alter a 2008 anti-trafficking law to permit Central American children to be sent back home without deportation hearings.

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Gary Lambert served as a state Senator for a single term, and is now looking to represent the state’s 2nd Congressional District in Washington, D.C.

The attorney from Nashua also recently retired from the Marine Corps and is seeking to unseat Democrat Ann McLane Kuster.

Why are you running?

The Northern Pass project was one of the topics covered during a debate Wednesday on WGIR among three candidates seeking the Republican nomination in New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District to oppose incumbent Democrat Ann McLane Kuster this fall.

State Representative Marilinda Garcia of Salem said she visited the North Country recently and recognizes the opposition and concerns about the project involving private property rights and the benefits going to other states. 

NHPR Staff

While all three candidates seeking the Republican nomination in New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District race took part in a debate Wednesday morning, it was two candidates who spent much of their time attacking each other’s record.

The debate, hosted by WGIR, opened with state Representative Marilinda Garcia and former state Senator Gary Lambert accusing each other of taking illegal campaign contributions.

Each denied the allegation, and then went after each other’s voting record.