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  • George Washington, in his farewell address in 1796, warned about partisanship in political parties, and in years since, politicians have cautioned against…
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    A Conversation with Tamara Keith, NPR White House Correspondent
    Tamara Keith, NPR's White House Correspondent and co-host of the NPR Politics Podcast, joins us to talk about the 2020 Presidential Campaign, covering the…
  • Rethink2014.png
    Rethink 2014: Political Primaries
    Characterized by partisan gridlock, grandstanding and an unwillingness to compromise, the 113th Congress is well on its way to becoming the least…
  • A week into a government shutdown, with a looming debt ceiling crisis, politicians remain rooted in their positions. Many people wonder if we’ve become…
  • Senate Pulls Lever on Another Voter ID Law
    Along party lines, the New Hampshire Senate today passed a second, more restrictive voter ID measure. Earlier this month, a bill requiring voters to show…