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The Dangerous Animals Club

The Tobolowsky Files is a series of specials featuring profound, moving, and hilarious true stories about life, love and Hollywood, written and performed by author and actor Stephen Tobolowsky. Stephen has played cops, robbers, murderers and super heroes in over 200 roles for film and television but on The Tobolowsky Files he always plays himself. You will recognize his voice and face from his many appearances on Glee, Seinfeld, Deadwood and the Mindy Project; plus a roster of iconic films that includes Ground Hog Day and Thelma and Louise.

On The Tobolowsky Files, Stephen Tobolowsky welcomes listeners into his life with true tales of his fatal horseback-riding accident on an active volcano in Iceland, stories of his childhood secret society, devoted to capturing wild critters , like scorpions, water moccasins and tarantulas from the fields and streams near his home in Dallas. Stephen recalls the night his father punched a bus, the weeks his mother tried to hatch an egg in the family living room to please her grandson, and the guerilla filmmaking at the heart of an American classic: Groundhog Day.

Episode 1: The Dangerous Animals Club

In "The Dangerous Animals Club," author and actor Stephen Tobolowsky explores the secret world of children when their parents aren't looking: A little boy learns to talk with bats and a boys' club is devoted to tracking down scorpions, tarantulas and poisonous snakes.

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