Sununu Signs 2 Bills Restricting Use Of PFAS-Based Firefighting Foam, Fabrics

Sep 3, 2019

Governor Chris Sununu signed two bills Tuesday banning the use of some products that contain harmful PFAS chemicals.

The industrial compounds have been linked to a wide array of health problems.

They were phased out of American manufacturing years ago, but may be present in older or imported items.

One bill Sununu signed will prohibit the use of a PFAS-based firefighting foam known as AFFF.

It was once widely used by the military and is still stockpiled at airports and other facilities. A spill of one such AFFF stockpile contaminated a river in Connecticut earlier this year.

The bill Sununu signed requires the state to set up a take-back program for those stockpiles in New Hampshire by 2021.

Sununu also signed a bill barring the import, manufacture or sale of furniture and carpeting containing certain levels of PFAS.

The chemicals were once commonly used to make these products less flammable.

Earlier this year, New Hampshire also passed strict new limits on PFAS in public drinking water supplies. Those limits take effect next month.