Senate Kills Latest 'Right-To-Work' Bill

Jan 30, 2014

Senator John Reagan of Deerfield and Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley of Wolfeboro, both Republicans, speak during a recess on Thursday.
Credit Todd Bookman / NHPR

 The New Hampshire Senate has voted down so-called “right-to-work” legislation.

The vote Thursday morning was 13 to 11, with every Senate Democrat and two Republicans voting against the bill to excuse non-union employees from paying fees to negotiate and administer contracts. 

The Republican-majority legislature in 2011 passed a bill, but they were unable to override a veto by then-Governor John Lynch. 

Opponents including Manchester Democrat Lou D’Allesandro argue "right-to-work" is bad for middle class families.

"We in New Hampshire have had the benefit of working people," says D'Allesandro. "Working people have made this state, and continue the growth and development of this state. Don't let our working people down."

Supporters say the bill would improve the business climate and give New Hampshire a competitive advantage in the region.