Senate Adopts School Funding Amendment | New Hampshire Public Radio

Senate Adopts School Funding Amendment

Feb 15, 2012


The New Hampshire Senate has approved a constitutional amendment to give the state more leeway in how it distributes school aid. 

The amendment would make it easier for lawmakers to target money to poorer communities but not explicitly undue the Claremont rulings that require the state to fund an adequate education for every child. After the vote Governor Lynch described the proposal as “a significant milestone.”

“The milestone being that it has passed the state Senate, and that it is an amendment endorsed by the governor, by me. And now we are all going to work together to talk with our colleges in the house about the importance of the goals that we are trying to achieve.”

The house rejected similar amendments backed by the governor and the Senate last fall over concerns the proposals wouldn’t give lawmakers absolute power to decide what the state would send communities, if anything at all.