Rockingham Park Official Cites Stalled Gambling Efforts As Track Goes Up For Sale

Mar 25, 2016

Trains Arrive with Crowds at Rockingham
Credit Leslie Jones, 1933 / Leslie Jones Collection, Boston Public Library

A 110-year-old New Hampshire racetrack has been put up for sale.

Ed Callahan, general manager of Rockingham Park in Salem, says the decision was made after over 20 year of trying to obtain alternative forms of gaming or casino gambling. 

Callahan tells WMUR-TV he believes that had legislation been passed to build a casino, the track could have built something that the state would have been proud of, in addition to bringing in millions of dollars in revenue.

About 200 jobs would be lost.

The track has a storied history in the annals of American horseracing. It was the first track in the country to use a moving starting gate and the first to offer insurance to riders.

It stopped holding live horse racing events in 2010. Rockingham instituted charitable games in 1997.