Report Says State Police Commander in North Country Not at Fault in Fatal Crash

Apr 27, 2016

There is no evidence that the death of 18-year-old Emily Clogston from Warren was anything but a no-fault accident, an investigation has concluded.

The accident happened last July in Lisbon as Troop F Commander Todd Landry was heading home with his wife and daughter after getting ice cream, according to the report released Tuesday by Sullivan County Attorney Marc Hathaway.

Courtesy of the Clogston family

Hathaway said there were no witnesses other than the Landrys, who told police they saw skateboarder Emily Clogston just as she hit the front fender of their pickup.

Hathaway said it is possible she came down a steep driveway situated so that Landry would not have been able to see her until it was too late. But without knowing where she came from it’s impossible to affix blame.

Neighbors told police skate boarders often used driveways, hoping to go faster than on the street.

Blood tests and an examination of Landry’s cell phone showed he hadn’t been drinking or distracted by a phone call.

Since Landry worked in Grafton County, the reports by Lisbon police and the state police accident reconstruction unit were referred to Hathaway’s office in Sullivan County and then reviewed by Vermont police.

The investigation took about eight months.

Landry took over Troop F early in 2010 and retired last August.

The Clogston family declined to comment and Landry couldn’t be reached.