Recount Affirms Morgan Senate Win, Democrats' 14-10 Majority

Nov 21, 2018

District 23 Senator-elect Jon Morgan outside the recount.
Credit josh rogers / nhpr

The final 2018 recount confirmed Democrat Jon Morgan’s win over GOP incumbent Bill Gannon. But the disputes over this race aren’t over.

State Senate District 23 includes Exeter, and stretches west to Chester. Republican voters outnumber Democrats, but Morgan, who works in cybersecurity, edged Gannon, a lawyer, by 105 votes.

"It seems we came up short by a handful of votes," said Sen. Bill Gannon (R-Sandown).
Credit josh rogers / nhpr

The recount margin was just one vote shy of the result from Election Day but getting there wasn’t without drama. A missing box of ballots – ultimately located in Exeter Town Hall - caused a delay, which both candidates took in stride. Morgan said the important thing was to count all the votes.

'Sometimes there are a little hiccups here and there. What we are seeing play out is democracy in action.'

Republican Grant Bosse and Democrat Paul Twomey await more ballots during the Senate district 23 recount.
Credit josh rogers / nhpr

That action will continue Monday when state’s Ballot Law Commission takes up the question of whether Morgan has met the seven-year residency requirement to run for state Senate.

But since Morgan is now elected, the Ballot Law Commission may lack jurisdiction.  And settling the question may be up to state Senate itself.