The Raymond Coalition Steers Youth Toward Smart Choices

Dec 7, 2013

Credit Courtesy of The Raymond Coalition

The Raymond Coalition for Youth is committed to helping kids make healthy choices and form positive habits. Through its "Youth Action" program, the Coalition empowers teenagers, like Kirsten Roman, to involve themselves in community outreach. "I was really interested in helping out the community more, and to help my peers make good choices," says Roman. "We focus on positive choice: not doing drugs or alcohol; eating healthy and exercising."

The Raymond Police Department and RCY brought simulators to the high school, allowing teens to experience how much texting and drinking impair their driving ability. "A lot of people tried it and they were surprised at how easy it was to crash," says Roman. Many of her peers swore off texting or drinking while driving after using the simulators.

Roman also worked with RCY on a program called "Buyers Beware." She and her peers placed stickers reading, "Do not give alcohol to minors" on beer cases at grocery and drug stores. "It was surprising how many people asked us if it was really a problem, and it is."