PSNH Asks for Rate Increase

Oct 20, 2011

Public Service of New Hampshire announced today it wants to increase its rates.

NHPR’s Sam Evans-Brown tells us why.

PSNH has asked the Public Utilities commission for a rate increase of a little more than a half cent per kilowatt hour.

For the typical resident that would mean about three dollars and seventy-seven cents more every month.

The hike will pay for a new scrubber designed to clean up emissions from PSNH’s coal burning plant in Bow.

Spokesman Mike Skelton says that PSNH is already testing the scrubber, and it will come online sometime in 2012.

Skelton: once the project is in full operation Merrimack Station will be one of the cleanest burning coal plants in the country.

New Hampshire law says that PSNH can recoup costs for plant upgrades by increasing rates for consumers.

For NHPR New I’m Sam Evans-Brown