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Pest Control: Mutant Mosquitoes Come To Florida

Apr 27, 2021

You know mosquito bites are annoying. But they actually kill hundreds of thousands of people every year, primarily by transmitting disease. In fact, mosquitoes kill more humans than any other being on earth, including other humans.

However, in a bid that seems a bit backward, the state of Florida is about to allow the release of millions of genetically-modified insects into the wild. It’s an effort actually meant to reduce local populations that carry diseases like dengue or the Zika virus.

It’s an experiment some are comparing to Jurassic Park. And not everyone is happy about the development. Some Floridians have protested the mosquitos’ introduction and questioning the record of the company set to release them.

If you’re also concerned about cicadas, we’ve got you covered there. We talked about the impending cicada swarm. 

But could these mutant bugs save lives?