Northern Pass Cries "Foul" Over Opponents' New Video

Apr 24, 2015

Officials from Northern Pass are complaining that opponents have used misleading elements in a new YouTube video about its plan to run power lines through Concord if the controversial project is approved.

The video argues unless the power lines are buried there will be an adverse visual impact on Concord.

But Northern Pass says the video exaggerates the impact and has misleading material.

This is the view from the video showing the playground just before the Northern Pass towers are erected.
Credit Conservation Media Group

A major complaint is a scene showing a playground at Alton Woods without any electric towers.

Then, huge, looming Northern Pass towers appear in the video.

But that playground has had electric towers – albeit smaller towers - for years, according to the utility.

Martin Murray is a spokesman for Northern Pass.

“The video actually has been photo-shopped to remove every power line and structure to purport that is the current lay of the land, if you will. It is simply not reality.”

The film was produced by a Maine company called the Conservation Media Group.

This was taken by Northern Pass and shows the existing towers.

David Conover, who heads up the group, admits the existing towers were digitally removed.

But he denies there was an effort to make the Northern Pass towers look more dramatic by having them appear over an pristine playground.

“It is all about the future visualization. It is not about the present.”

The group’s Facebook page says the project included working with the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests and the Appalachian Mountain Club.

But Conover said his group, which is funded by the Lewis Family Foundation, commissioned and paid for it.